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Linda Tonini writes, "I am extremely delighted with the Instant Glamour� makeup makeover line. The easy color-by-number instructions that came with the makeup kit made it easy and simple for me to create a new look. I am so pleased with my new image and your makeup that I'm spreading the word as fast as I can. Everyone should know how to apply makeup to look her best. Thank You!

"I used the Instant Glamour® makeup makeover kit."


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Learning the Instant Glamour� makeup makeover system technique forever changed the way I apply makeup. I use to match my makeup and clothes. If I was wearing blue, I'd apply blue eye shadows. If I chose a green outfit, I'd apply green eye shadows, and so on. I would panic if I had to wear something different at the last minute, for I would have to redo my makeup, not to mention my blush and lipstick.
 When I tried the Instant Glamour� makeup makeover system, I went to work and received compliments on my makeup for the first time. I WAS NOTICED! But more importantly was how I felt. I felt more like me, and finally for the first time, I was wearing the makeup instead of the makeup wearing me. Now my new look, I don't have to worry if my clothes will match my makeup. With my new image, no matter what I choose to wear, I always look my best. I became an expert the first time I used this makeover system, thanks to the easy to follow instructions.
Thank You,
Marion Vitale

"I used the same Instant Glamour® kit."

The president of a large corporation threw out her drawer of cosmetics, claiming she couldn't remember where any of it went. She now has four Instant Glamour� makeup makeover systems. One for her car, one for work and one in each of her homes. She was so thankful that someone had taken the confusion out of makeup color selection and created a makeover system that worked in just five minutes and was duplicable and looked natural and professional. 

"Instant Glamour® worked for me too!"

Change your image, change your life!

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"Instant Glamour® makes me look like a model."

"The Instant Glamour® makeup kit
works on everyone!"

A Satisfied Customer Raves:

"I am extremely delighted with Mr. DeMarse's makeup line. His overall description of HOW TO, in his new book gives such detailed descriptions that it's made simple to create the look you want. I am so pleased with his line of makeup that I am spreading the word as fast as I can. Every woman should know how to apply her makeup this way to look her very best. Thank You, Mr. DeMarse!"

Linda Tonini
Houston, Texas

The packaging of this makeup kit is a plus because you only take one thing out of the drawer instead of a bunch of eye shadows, blushes, lipsticks, etc. And it is easy to pack and take on trips.
  • Complete makeup in 5 minutes
  • Longest lasting eye shadows and lipstick
  • Gorgeous results every time
  • Purest ingredients; no animal testing
  • FREE makeup makeover map
  • Mascara--new ultra-thin formula
  • 2 blending sponges
  • Kit includes:
    • 5 eye shadows
    • 2 blushes
    • 1 concealer
    • 2 lipsticks
    • 1 lip pencil
    • 1 eye liner and brow pencil
    • 2 brushes
    • 2 sponges
    • 1 mascara
    • Complete instruction


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