The Instant Glamour Story

Instant Glamour®, the
5-Minute Makeup Makeover Kit,
Works on Everyone - Guaranteed!

The Instant Glamour Company is committed to providing you with the very best products, techniques, instruction and value to you our preferred client.

We have tested makeup from the best manufactures available using an independent chain of makeup artist. Our Instant Glamour eye shadows came back unanimously as the best for quality, spread ability and longest lasting colors.

We have sold thousands of our Instant Glamour makeover kits globally and are now increasing our distribution through new and exciting avenues.

We have Instant Glamour clients from 13 to 85 years old of all nationalities, eye color and hair color. For the first time ever one makeup kit that really works on all women in just five minutes.

Internationally renowned Michael DeMarse has for over 40 years been educating his men and women clients plus models on how to achieve more success in business and relationships with the proper image, products and techniques. Michael's vision is to share and impact globally his wealth of expertise and knowledge for beauty enhancement.

We know that picking the right colors and integrating the proper techniques can be difficult if you don't know our secrets. Now we will teach you the easiest most universal five minute color by number makeup technique ever.

Michael DeMarse was the official makeover artist for the Page Parkes center of modeling.  For years he would do two to three fashion shows a week.  He would transform twenty models in only forty minutes due to the lack of time allowed behind the scenes.

Michael noticed that after one year of doing all these shows, from his palate of fifty colors only seven were disappearing: five eye shadows and two blushes.  He soon arranged them in order to become more efficient while he worked.

Not long after, a client asked Michael to show her how to apply her makeup the natural way, like those models she saw at the shows.  Five minutes into the lesson she asked, "Where did that first color go?"  Michael grabbed a piece of paper, drew a face on it, and said, "Color 1 goes here, and color 2 goes here."  The client spun her chair around and exclaimed, "That's the easiest way I've ever been taught to apply my makeup.  Now I'll be able to remember how you did my makeup when I get home!"

The Instant Glamour® kit and technique was born.

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Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee!

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